Madness Rising

The Order

Late summer 1922
Victor and I attended Gatby’s funeral, it was small and short we met a guy named nick and gatsby’s father not much was said there wasn’t much to say. We decided to try and lighten the mood and go to a speak easy down in boston. A nice upper scale place the police didn’t much care what was going on here cause they were frequenting it and were on the take. We met some gentlemen who were part of a new group established in town the Order of the silver twilight alot of the men came from Boston’s upper crust including the mayor and alot of town officials. The one who convinced us Dr. Edward Call seemed an educated fellow. He began to voice his worries about the order shortly there after though. We headed to the library to look up any information on the group we didn’t find out too much except for an obscure book that listed a Knights of the silver twilight, but not much else.

We met an odd dame by the name Audrey at a fortune shop pretty thing though. We got our fortune told you know that cold reading stuff. My time as a Pinkerton showed me all the smoke and mirror angles in the “illusion” business. She filled us in a little more on the local group and gave us the address.

We joined and were taken to a preparation room then given black robes and attained the title neophyte then we were blidfolded and given a lecture on the noble purpose of the order and told we will learn great and mysterious things.
We bound ourselves with an oath to not do or commit anything immoral or embarrassing we were then led across the hall to the main room where the head of the lodge, the noble philosopher to kneel and repeat an oath.
“promise to keep the secrets of the order, to seek after knowledge, and to live according to the principls of the order”.

After that we schmoozed with the members it was actually a nice setup they had going on. Though a few things stood out in my mind the upper floors of the place were off limits. The general nervous vibe that Dr. Call was giving off.
He told us about the secret ranks among the order and the off limits levels and a dissapearance of one James Clark. Smelling a rat Victor and I decided to do some prowling.

We tried returning to the fortune teller to try swooning her a mans gotta keep his game sharp lest it become rusty, but the place was busted up with no one to be heard from. We made sure we didn’t touch anything to leave no trace and investigated the scene we found an odd tablet of some kind so we gave the police an anonymous tip and continued on with the nights schedule.

That night we returned to the place and snuck in, dodging the not so alert guards with steal we made a bee line for the basement. It looked ordinary, but nothing is ever as it seems and a hidden door was quickly recognized and decended even further into the depths. The place looked old, ancient even, but not natural the most pressing of the rooms characterisics was a bas relief on the wall and an altar under it stained with a brownish material. Depicting a giant humanoid figure with large serrated wings and an octopoidal head crushing small humanoid creatures. Encircling the things head was what appeared to be the sun. While I was studying this Victor found a disturbing book, normally i’m stout as a rock, but something about this book chilled my very core. We found a set of stairs leading even further down into the darkness.

We found That dame from the Fortune teller shop she was locked in one of the cells lining this room What the hell was going on in this place. A little more searching and we also found James he was mentally fried and had to help him with the most basic of human functions. Victor found a small alcove with various vials of unknown substances, we thought it best to leave them alone, we did however, find an odd box that seemed out of place so we snatched it up. During our little extended visit the master of the order John Scott happened to drop in. Damn the jig was up John started attacking us however and we shot him dead with a few blasts of victors shotgun. WHAT THE HELL!!! Scott got right back to his feet and came at us again, and again and again. We were running out of ammunition things looked dire. Until the dame came alive and started chanting some jibberish and low and behold the man turned into some white powdery substance. Audrey fainted soon after that and had to be carried out of the place. We turned James over to Dr. Call and booked it away from the place. Her place smashed to pieces and on the run Audrey decided to tag along with us.


May 21 1923
Well Eduard Peabody wasn’t much help to the case now the only thing left to do is figured out what happened. Something didn’t add up to this point the double barreled shotgun we found was still loaded. There was no sign of a struggle there were two sets of modern footprints in the dust lining the place. Before I had enough time to think the professor started spoutin off some bs about monsters and the boogeyman and some ritual I didn’t have time for it I was on the verge of figuring it out when he lured Mackey into touchin the thing the symbol on the ground. Mackey immediately froze and couldn’t move, I spun around to his cries for help. What I witnessed next was something out of a comic book the thing that used to be professor Augustus Merryweather was now a scaley pointy headed drooling monstrosity. I was stunned for a second then drew my pistol. Mackey could move again as he fell forward. It disappeared… It disappeared like the invisible man. Tracks in the sand I shot at where I judged it to be nothin just dead air. Then it hit me like an hot knife through butter it sliced my coat and my back, the pain wasn’t immediate I was thinking more along the lines of how the hell it got around so fast. Then the nerve endings connected and I could feel the cool air stinging the fresh cut Damn that thing. Mackey popped it one though as soon as it turned back, I guess the thing has to appear for it to hit something. What do you know the thing bleeds. Doing it’s disappearing act again we tried to guage it better this time following it’s deep breathing now. No dice straight air again and as soon as we shot the thing was in Mackey’s face with a swift duck he avoided becoming a hot slice of newyorks finest pizza and we unloaded everything we had on the creep. Guess we solved who killed prof. Peabody. After we dusted off and collected ourselves an old man with a group of toughs showed up. I was about to go out blazing cause frankly I was tired and cut up, as lady luck would have it they chose diplomacy. It was the old man Armitage from Miskatonic university apparently they’ve been traking merryweather ever since he got his hands on the book, they couldn’t determine if peabody was working with him, they got their answer. We cleared the air around the whole situation. I guess penny’s awake tough kid, they asked her about what was goin on. Anyway I’m hired for a new job to investigate some town up north a ways hey if the pay is right.

The Cemetery

May 20 1923
We found clues in the journal that led us to an old cemetery originally god knows what it was. But in the history books it was listed as a revolutionary war plot. We snooped around a bit getting a feel for the place. They opened up on us like a can of sardines. We got pinned down before you can say pushing up daisies. I took one out has he ran to the other guy, but Penny got shot and was in a bad way. Luckily the guy got cocky and opened up an opportunity for me to send him to his final resting place. We hiked her out to Arkham Med and just in time she was loosing blood fast. Shame to get the dame mixed up in all this, but she’s never been one to play it safe as a homebody and has a nose for a scoop. Shes a tough kid she’ll be on her feet and buggin the hell outta me in no time. I called up my old friend Lucas Mackey to help me out, this case stunk and I just lost my partner to the ICU word was Mackey had been working as a tresury agent these days down in Boston and high tailed it once I had him on the line. You know old war buddies never can deny them. We followed up in the cemetery and opened up the crypt. You’d probably say I was crazy and I’d probably still say you are right what we saw in there moving, flesh torn rotting abomninations what the hell!!! I still mask my urge to gag at the walking puke bombs and the smell that floated with them. Mackey went beserk unleashing a barrage of lead into the darkness. The professor stood by and took up the scenery as usual. That guy gets on my last nerve, but I aint doin it for him, there’s a case to be solved and I’m the one to do it. We counted four of the maggot taxi’s as the final body count thankfully the things can’t move worth a damn, though they landed one right on Mackey. He seemed pretty taken aback by it and spouted curse after curse. After the whole ordeal we started snooping around again and activated another hidden staircase going down, whats with these guys always a layer on another layer of secrecy no one is a straight shooter these days always a crooked road. We found professor Peabody or should I say what was left!!!

The Professor

May 19 1923
We Checked out the Professors flat today. He had 12 gauge shells ready to go 2 were missing whatever he was gearing up for can’t be good. We searched the attic and found his journal found a survey map we are scheduled to make a visit tomorrow morning. Just as we were reading gunfire ripped through the house like a hot knife through butter. Luckily the bastards can’t aim for squat patience won out in the end as we hid and laid a trap the first one ran up and got a face full of hot lead as the other battled it out from downstairs. With a lucky shot the second guy went down, both were wearing a funny little amulet. Before you can even say burnt a third man outside mustuv molotoved the place cause in a flash the place was a scene from dante’s inferno we escaped before the fire brigade showed up and are bidding out time in the hotel. Hopefully the cops don’t get wind, Hopefully we can find the professor before its too late.


May 19 1923
Penny Got a letter today from an Eduard Peabody he expressed concern over a book he was translating and asked for her help. We made tracks and got to South Arkham around one. We walked around town for a couple of hours enjoying the cafe and rented a room at the hotel Miskatonic. We decided to split up to cover more ground. I went to the local insane asylum to try and get a feel for the criminal and mental element in Arkham. Penny tracked down a lead at the university and ran into an Augustus Merryweather i’m not sure what to make of the man yet except he has the hots for her dirty ol man. I started to walk around Arkham to go over my notes and see the scenes as their “date” was going smoothly i noticed someone tailin me. The five w’s came into play here i’ll have to do some more prying. With Penny about to take the professor home, and I between a rock and a hard place Will I make it in time to follow penny to the house?

Mr. Corbitt

March 5 1921
We Stepped into Gatsby’s mansion expecting a night of debauchery and lovemaking. We wandered the west egg castle slipping from one group to another. Meeting interesting, less interesting, rude, snotty, fun, adventurous people all under one roof, and some from outside the safety of overhead covering. The pool was filled the girls were dancing the music was thumping, another one of gatsby’s nights one did say.
As we cozied up with wealthy autocrats senators new found debuttantes we were drowned in the booze and drifted into a drunken slumber.

March 6 1921
What was experienced that day.. That day. From then on nothing would ever be the same. It started out full of our seemingly random cluttered group, more like the vagrants left over from the night befores meanderings around the mansion. A seemingly wasted day on an easter egg hunt we found the ultimate egg himself gatsby I always wondered what he looked like, though some of the group knew him personally, he was still a very rare event. By this time the sky had darkened a velvet black. We had begun drinking again. At this moment in the lounge we witnessed at first a seemingly innocent action turned into something much more sinister. The man who lives next to the mansion was seen opening his entry way when he dropped an odd looking parcel covered in white. Upon closer examination we determined it was in fact a severed arm, and not just any arm that of a child for the size and shape had not been fully grown. I struggled with this discovery and refrained from any vomitus that was brewing in my gullet. After a lenghty discussion the decision was made to prowl around the house and find out more about our ghastly discovery. After all at the time it could have been a mannequin or.. No that is just pure denial it was what it was and must see the truth for what it is. We didn’t call the police for it must have been the liquid courage or grim curiosity that took us that night and left caution to the wind. We split up into different groups one would sneak around back while the others confronted corbitt. They knocked on the door and no one answered. One of the group members then kicked it in with a wild flurry. At the same time Corbitt answered his door no one dared ask him the question that was on everyones minds. He lead us on a tour of his property including a green house and vegetable garden. When we did work up the courage to confront him he feined innocence explaining it was only some tree branches. Things then turned hostile as Corbitt made for the phone and escaped into the night. We then unhindered by politeness searched every nook and cranny of the up and downstairs we learned the grisly tale of Bernard Corbitt The journals will suffice your curiosity for it is not for me to tell his story. We then made for the basement and came face to face with a hopping leg attached to a females head and limbs attached to where ears should be. The creature hissed in response of being discovred. We gladly dispatched it with haste. We then came across something so horrible so… Unimaginable to think something that can be living is and should have never been. It was covered in human arms.. the smell THE SMELL this horrible creature known from the journal as man bagarri was feasting on human flesh. We attacked and it fought back knocking unconcious 3 of our party immediately it then tried to feast on their bodies, then we were saved by a large caliber rifle shot carefully aimed. After we inspected the carcass and made sure the abomination was what we hoped deceased Corbitt came back in and attacked us in tears we quickly ended his terrible life and returned to the mansion. That night… That horrible Night..


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