Madness Rising


May 19 1923
Penny Got a letter today from an Eduard Peabody he expressed concern over a book he was translating and asked for her help. We made tracks and got to South Arkham around one. We walked around town for a couple of hours enjoying the cafe and rented a room at the hotel Miskatonic. We decided to split up to cover more ground. I went to the local insane asylum to try and get a feel for the criminal and mental element in Arkham. Penny tracked down a lead at the university and ran into an Augustus Merryweather i’m not sure what to make of the man yet except he has the hots for her dirty ol man. I started to walk around Arkham to go over my notes and see the scenes as their “date” was going smoothly i noticed someone tailin me. The five w’s came into play here i’ll have to do some more prying. With Penny about to take the professor home, and I between a rock and a hard place Will I make it in time to follow penny to the house?



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