Madness Rising


May 21 1923
Well Eduard Peabody wasn’t much help to the case now the only thing left to do is figured out what happened. Something didn’t add up to this point the double barreled shotgun we found was still loaded. There was no sign of a struggle there were two sets of modern footprints in the dust lining the place. Before I had enough time to think the professor started spoutin off some bs about monsters and the boogeyman and some ritual I didn’t have time for it I was on the verge of figuring it out when he lured Mackey into touchin the thing the symbol on the ground. Mackey immediately froze and couldn’t move, I spun around to his cries for help. What I witnessed next was something out of a comic book the thing that used to be professor Augustus Merryweather was now a scaley pointy headed drooling monstrosity. I was stunned for a second then drew my pistol. Mackey could move again as he fell forward. It disappeared… It disappeared like the invisible man. Tracks in the sand I shot at where I judged it to be nothin just dead air. Then it hit me like an hot knife through butter it sliced my coat and my back, the pain wasn’t immediate I was thinking more along the lines of how the hell it got around so fast. Then the nerve endings connected and I could feel the cool air stinging the fresh cut Damn that thing. Mackey popped it one though as soon as it turned back, I guess the thing has to appear for it to hit something. What do you know the thing bleeds. Doing it’s disappearing act again we tried to guage it better this time following it’s deep breathing now. No dice straight air again and as soon as we shot the thing was in Mackey’s face with a swift duck he avoided becoming a hot slice of newyorks finest pizza and we unloaded everything we had on the creep. Guess we solved who killed prof. Peabody. After we dusted off and collected ourselves an old man with a group of toughs showed up. I was about to go out blazing cause frankly I was tired and cut up, as lady luck would have it they chose diplomacy. It was the old man Armitage from Miskatonic university apparently they’ve been traking merryweather ever since he got his hands on the book, they couldn’t determine if peabody was working with him, they got their answer. We cleared the air around the whole situation. I guess penny’s awake tough kid, they asked her about what was goin on. Anyway I’m hired for a new job to investigate some town up north a ways hey if the pay is right.



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