Madness Rising

Mr. Corbitt

March 5 1921
We Stepped into Gatsby’s mansion expecting a night of debauchery and lovemaking. We wandered the west egg castle slipping from one group to another. Meeting interesting, less interesting, rude, snotty, fun, adventurous people all under one roof, and some from outside the safety of overhead covering. The pool was filled the girls were dancing the music was thumping, another one of gatsby’s nights one did say.
As we cozied up with wealthy autocrats senators new found debuttantes we were drowned in the booze and drifted into a drunken slumber.

March 6 1921
What was experienced that day.. That day. From then on nothing would ever be the same. It started out full of our seemingly random cluttered group, more like the vagrants left over from the night befores meanderings around the mansion. A seemingly wasted day on an easter egg hunt we found the ultimate egg himself gatsby I always wondered what he looked like, though some of the group knew him personally, he was still a very rare event. By this time the sky had darkened a velvet black. We had begun drinking again. At this moment in the lounge we witnessed at first a seemingly innocent action turned into something much more sinister. The man who lives next to the mansion was seen opening his entry way when he dropped an odd looking parcel covered in white. Upon closer examination we determined it was in fact a severed arm, and not just any arm that of a child for the size and shape had not been fully grown. I struggled with this discovery and refrained from any vomitus that was brewing in my gullet. After a lenghty discussion the decision was made to prowl around the house and find out more about our ghastly discovery. After all at the time it could have been a mannequin or.. No that is just pure denial it was what it was and must see the truth for what it is. We didn’t call the police for it must have been the liquid courage or grim curiosity that took us that night and left caution to the wind. We split up into different groups one would sneak around back while the others confronted corbitt. They knocked on the door and no one answered. One of the group members then kicked it in with a wild flurry. At the same time Corbitt answered his door no one dared ask him the question that was on everyones minds. He lead us on a tour of his property including a green house and vegetable garden. When we did work up the courage to confront him he feined innocence explaining it was only some tree branches. Things then turned hostile as Corbitt made for the phone and escaped into the night. We then unhindered by politeness searched every nook and cranny of the up and downstairs we learned the grisly tale of Bernard Corbitt The journals will suffice your curiosity for it is not for me to tell his story. We then made for the basement and came face to face with a hopping leg attached to a females head and limbs attached to where ears should be. The creature hissed in response of being discovred. We gladly dispatched it with haste. We then came across something so horrible so… Unimaginable to think something that can be living is and should have never been. It was covered in human arms.. the smell THE SMELL this horrible creature known from the journal as man bagarri was feasting on human flesh. We attacked and it fought back knocking unconcious 3 of our party immediately it then tried to feast on their bodies, then we were saved by a large caliber rifle shot carefully aimed. After we inspected the carcass and made sure the abomination was what we hoped deceased Corbitt came back in and attacked us in tears we quickly ended his terrible life and returned to the mansion. That night… That horrible Night..



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