Madness Rising

The Cemetery

May 20 1923
We found clues in the journal that led us to an old cemetery originally god knows what it was. But in the history books it was listed as a revolutionary war plot. We snooped around a bit getting a feel for the place. They opened up on us like a can of sardines. We got pinned down before you can say pushing up daisies. I took one out has he ran to the other guy, but Penny got shot and was in a bad way. Luckily the guy got cocky and opened up an opportunity for me to send him to his final resting place. We hiked her out to Arkham Med and just in time she was loosing blood fast. Shame to get the dame mixed up in all this, but she’s never been one to play it safe as a homebody and has a nose for a scoop. Shes a tough kid she’ll be on her feet and buggin the hell outta me in no time. I called up my old friend Lucas Mackey to help me out, this case stunk and I just lost my partner to the ICU word was Mackey had been working as a tresury agent these days down in Boston and high tailed it once I had him on the line. You know old war buddies never can deny them. We followed up in the cemetery and opened up the crypt. You’d probably say I was crazy and I’d probably still say you are right what we saw in there moving, flesh torn rotting abomninations what the hell!!! I still mask my urge to gag at the walking puke bombs and the smell that floated with them. Mackey went beserk unleashing a barrage of lead into the darkness. The professor stood by and took up the scenery as usual. That guy gets on my last nerve, but I aint doin it for him, there’s a case to be solved and I’m the one to do it. We counted four of the maggot taxi’s as the final body count thankfully the things can’t move worth a damn, though they landed one right on Mackey. He seemed pretty taken aback by it and spouted curse after curse. After the whole ordeal we started snooping around again and activated another hidden staircase going down, whats with these guys always a layer on another layer of secrecy no one is a straight shooter these days always a crooked road. We found professor Peabody or should I say what was left!!!



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