Madness Rising

The Professor

May 19 1923
We Checked out the Professors flat today. He had 12 gauge shells ready to go 2 were missing whatever he was gearing up for can’t be good. We searched the attic and found his journal found a survey map we are scheduled to make a visit tomorrow morning. Just as we were reading gunfire ripped through the house like a hot knife through butter. Luckily the bastards can’t aim for squat patience won out in the end as we hid and laid a trap the first one ran up and got a face full of hot lead as the other battled it out from downstairs. With a lucky shot the second guy went down, both were wearing a funny little amulet. Before you can even say burnt a third man outside mustuv molotoved the place cause in a flash the place was a scene from dante’s inferno we escaped before the fire brigade showed up and are bidding out time in the hotel. Hopefully the cops don’t get wind, Hopefully we can find the professor before its too late.



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