Audrey Wilcox


Book of amun ra
elder thing crystal

candle communication
cast out devil
cast out shan
control weather
create gate
create time gate
deflect harm
detect life
dismiss deity
elder sign
enchant item
healing touch
magic weapon
return to rest
voice of ra


Born to an english archaeologist in Manchester En.
lived in egypt and england traveled frequently between the two due to her fathers occupation on a dig near the egypt turk border found the necronomicon had first mythos encounter when she read her fathers translation, her father went mad because of the book and disappeared when she was 13 adopted into the secret cult of bastet and given the egyptian name of beset (protector) later a group of “True god” occultists assaulted the secret shrine and killed everyone who did not escape then destroyed the temple in an attempt to steal the book
audrey escaped with the book of amun ra
she booked the next transport out of egypt to england the cultists got wind of her and followed and eventually ended up in newyork settling in to a nursing position she is still on the radar of the cultists ever searching for the gold book of amun ra.

Audrey Wilcox

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