Bernard Corbitt


Bernard Corbitt has always seemed a quiet inoffensive and normal man his only oddity is a touch of absent mindedness he lives on a large well kept estate across the street from Gatsby and has a nodding relationship with him
he is one of the more respected and prominent businessmen int the area and manerisms are know to
most of his neighbors

Years ago Corbitt would often leave home for long periods of time, traveling out of the country to attend to his business however the last few years have seen him spending more and more time at home he maintains regular hours working five days a week in his downtown office

Corbitt’s membership in the local businessmens club sometimes keeps him out late but other than that he seems to have very little social life, not an unusual pattern for an over forty widower.

During weekends he usually stays at home quietly but he regularly goes out in the late afternoon on sunday usually returning home before dark.

His history is also well known in town born locally Corbitt is the son of the late Theodor Corbitt who founded the small but very successful Corbitt importers of America now owned and operated by Bernard he took over the business fourteen years ago when elder Corbitt was accidentally killed while hiking in the mountains of India

Once married he is presently a widower and lives alone his investigator neighbor will know that his wife has been dead at least a dozen years

local people including the investigators all know Corbitt to be a kindly and gentle individual at one time a medical student Corbitt has often provided neighbors with small bits of medical assistance two years ago his timely first aid was credited with saving the life of a youngster hit by a truck he sometimes regrets having left medical school to take over the family business but he is quick to say that he has no complaints about his life

he is an avid gardener and the neighbors including the investigators are often recipients of the fruits of his bountiful vegetable patch in a green house off the back of the house he raises orchids and other exotic flora

Bernard Corbitt

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