colt single action army
clothes from gatsbys
jack pirate hat
eve golf hat
victor golf cap
sal fedora
audrey amun ra
viktor Greek necronomicon
arabic quran
chinese to english dictionary
greek to english lexicon
russian to english dictionary
sanskrit to english dictionary
true magic
twenty experiments in the occutl
box teleportation have both

power storing cane 80pts of wis touching an individual for 30 consec seconds will cause target to loose 1pt of wis perm and add it to cane when wis is used up gone for good must be replenished, wielder does not suffer drain rather its a game of who hold the cane first that wins

double barrel shotgun 12g
23 12g shells
4x m1877 revolver .38
100 rnds .38



Madness Rising Vash4512